Caution for Fraud Trading Companies

The following trading companies are proved to resell unauthentic RUIDE products, with the risks including wrong language, unregistered, unactivated, deactivated by geo-fence, malfunctioning, second handed, refurbished, recycled, etc.

Henan Pilot Dolphin Technology Co.,Ltd.

Chengdu Mingjun Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hexin Survey Instrument Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Peng Jin Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Mingjun Trading Co., Ltd.

Shandong Tongyuan Surveying And Mapping Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Super GIS Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Apekstool Opticoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Geosupplier Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd.

RUIDE and her official distributors will not take responsibility to provide any warranty and support to those unauthentic products.

RUIDE reserves the right to remotely deactivate those products sold by the above compaines.

Where to download relevant software and manuals?

Since 2018, physical software CD-ROM and user manual are no longer provided with product. Please go to, sign in, and feel free to download any relevant software and manual package according to the model(s) you are using.

Which field software can be used with my receiver?

In some cases, your RUIDE receiver is not registered and it requires you to activate with an registration code.

1. Ask your seller for the registration code according to the serial number of your receiver.

2. Use your mobile phone or laptop to connect the WiFi hostpot of your receiver.

3. Open the browser on your mobile phone or laptop and go to Web Server, and log in.

4. Input the registration code and submit it in the the page of Configuration.

How to log in RUIDE Web Server?

1. Use your mobile phone and laptop to connect to the WiFi hotspot of your receiver.

2. Open the browser, input the following URL:

3. Input the user name "admin" and password "admin" to log in.

Can I get warranty for the GNSS products that I bought from unauthorized dealers/trading companie?

We do not guarantee any GNSS products sold by unauthorized dealers or trading companies. We will be free of responsibility if those products are with wrong language, geo-fence, inactivated system, defective functions and performance.

If there's no dealer in your country/region, please contact us for a direct puchase.