March 04,2024
RUIDE Dealers Gather at the Headquarters--Guangzhou

From January 8th to 12th, 2024, a group of esteemed dealers converged at the headquarters of RUIDE, located in the bustling city of Guangzhou, China. The purpose of this visit was to gain a deeper understanding of the company's latest innovations and explore the upcoming products.

The dealers were treated to an immersive experience, getting hands-on with the GNSS RTK RENO2, which was still undergoing rigorous testing. Despite its preliminary stage, the product generated immense interest and widespread recognition among the dealers. They were particularly impressed with the advanced features and performance capabilities demonstrated during the demonstration sessions.

The dealers expressed their keen enthusiasm for the product and provided valuable feedback on potential improvements and market positioning. Their insights were invaluable in shaping the final product and ensuring its market readiness.

The visit concluded on a positive note, with dealers eagerly anticipating the official launch of the GNSS RTK RENO2.