June 07,2024
2024.6.7 | Function Enhanced in RTK GO: Base Map

This month, the base map function of the RTK GO APP has been enhanced. Surveyors can flexibly use different maps according to various work requirements, improving the accuracy and efficiency of fieldwork.

New features added: 

*An option to use Bing online maps has been added to the APP.


*Users can also access online maps provided by local service providers from various countries, such as the newly added Korean VWORLD and Latvian GEOSERVER maps, among others.


*Users are allowed to import various formats of offline maps such as .dxf, .shp, .tif, .jpg, .kml.


*Satellite imagery and dxf base maps can be overlaid and displayed simultaneously, as can vector maps and .dxf base maps.

Please contact your local distributors or our technical support team to obtain the new version of the app and try it out.