April 03,2024
2024.4.3 | Turkish Partner Completed Product Training at RUIDE HQ

Last week, RUIDE Turkish Partner Mr. Bulent Yesil and Mrs. Filiz visited RUIDE's headquarters in Guangzhou for a product training. 

The focus was on RUIDE's latest products, including RTK INNO8 and RENO2, as well as 3D modeling capabilities. They tested the INNO8's photogrammetry and AR stakeout functions, praising its performance. 

They also got a glimpse of RUIDE's RobotSLAM Lite.

Hosted activities included a visit to Guangzhou Tower and a Chimelong Circus performance, enhancing cultural exchange. 

The training reinforced the partner's confidence in Ruide's products, paving the way for stronger business performance.